TRAINING: Tuesday: 1XV 19.30-20.55, 2XV 18.00-19.25, Ladies XV 19.30-20.55 // Thursday: 1XV 21.00-23.00, 2XV 21.00-23.00, Ladies XV 21.00-23.00


LSRG Nieuws

N.S.K. Ladies and Gents

We can play again! For many, the NSK (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) 2021 was a reunion with an old friend. For some, it was a first encounter with a match and rugby traditions. After a long corona year, both the ladies and gents were finally able to have fun at the pitch again. L.S.R.G. faced their opponents with a lot of new players and both the young dogs and puppies have stood their ground firmly, after being marked with warpaint (Maroon, ofcourse) by our dear Ballboy. Tackles were made, rucks were formed and new rugby stars were born. Of course, this hasn’t been possible without the help and coaching of the more experienced L.S.R.G. players who put in the maximum effort to coach their labradoodles. Unfortunately, despite a first try against Obelix by Zoë, the ladies did not manage to get into the finals. However, through great team effort, spirit and most of all by having fun, the ladies have made their coach Dominique and each other proud. The gents have played some energetic games too, with players from the first and second mixed up for the tournament. And dear oh dear, those brand new kitshirts looked Geil!

Sadly, there was also a bittersweet taste to the tournament since we had to say goodbye to some L.S.R.G. veterans. Marie, Claire (Jan) and Mirella (Rells) are all three going to find their rugby luck elsewhere, but hopefully they will take a little bit of ‘t gevoeltje with them. Luckily for Jan and Rells, last Saturday, the puppies gave them more than enough opportunity to assert their powers as ‘zure driehoek’ one last time. They managed to lose…well what didn’t they manage to lose? And this was surely not only the fault of vajayjay Mip. Luckily, all lost items returned and everyone could turn to partying with peace of mind and the puppies certainly learned their lesson.

And party we did! The rugby spirit was for sure not left at the pitch. After (and maybe even during) the final, the music was turned on and the beer started to flow freely. It was clear that everyone was catching up on the gezelligheid that we missed so badly over the past year. Ieries seemed to appear out of nowhere as well as rusty dance moves that were put away for so long. Also, some L.S.R.G. members have definitely established some new connections with their fellow student rugby players. All in all, it was a good day and for now, let’s hope it is the first again of many great tournaments, games and parties in the future.

DXV vs. Foeiste Moiden

One-hundred and eighty-five days since our official promotion.

Over two-hundred days since our last match.

We went weeks without rugby practice.

But we were ready.

We arrived early at the Alkmaarse Rugby Club, welcomed by a closed gate and big rainy clouds. But nothing could tame our enthusiasm to be back on the pitch. No derby or warm-up day could satisfy our hunger to devour a second division team. Like a 23 headed beast our team entered the pitch. Well in time to loosen up our jaws, stretch our muscles and warm up our jaws. One by one our prey trickled in. Overwhelmed by our unity, our big number of girls, our level of skill. They managed to form a team of 13 girls. Since we came all this way to play a decent game we decided to donate not one but two of our fantastic new girls. Giving them an opportunity to watch how we play as a team from the other side of the battle, while gaining valuable game experience.

The game was played 15 to 14 girls. We started against the strong wind. They immediately came close to our try-line. This was not what we imagined, not how we wanted to start the game. We fought hard to not let them score. Trying to win meters by kicking the bal. But to no avail. Their first try was scored after 12 minutes, but that would be all they would have to celebrate that day. We reminded ourselves what we came here to do, it was time to show Alkmaar that we deserve to be in the second division.

We tried to go through the middle, again and again, making us lose the ball. We underestimated the power of our three quarter line. Rells managed to score a try from the scrum, Pauline also managed to score a try. Ending the first half in 7-12. The second half, we all got our head in the game. Kicking and chasing, making use of our new speedy rooky Flo. Who made amazing tackles and even more impressive runs, earning her the well-deserved Woman Of The Match title. Our scrums were strong, our line-outs high and greedy. We were standing deeper, aiding for better passing and catching. We made nice off-loads in attack. We kept using the joker. We kept recycling when breaking through to score a try. And Arie kept kicking the ball between the poles. Left and right people got knocked down and injured, luckily we had enough players to change them up. The sun broke through and we were on top of our game. Yv, Myrthe (twice!), Arie and Wendy settled the scores, pumping up our numbers in the second half to “veul” as Ashley would say. would later update us to 7-41, bringing LSRG Dames 1 to the top of the list.

No one knows how long we will get to stand in the top of the list. Lets hope we can stay there for the rest of the season, thanks to our skills, not thanks to Corona. Stay home, stay safe. And hopefully, we get a lot more opportunities to showcase our skill, intimidate and defeat the rest of the second division.

Keep your body fit and your inner beast hungry,


DXV vs. DIOK - Derby

Sunday was the day we all had been waiting for since the grey March 8th, the day we played our last game before the lockdown. After resuming practice in June, we’ve all been boiling to play and smash some girls. That day eventually came, and I think we will never forget the soreness that we are all feeling after this battle.

On September 20, 2020, we played the LEIDEN DERBY, against Diok, former sister club for some, feared enemy for others. Was the task not hard enough being the first game in 6 months, Diok holds some pretty tough players. Some play in the national team, some are under 18 (much more in shape than some of us old cows) and some were just too fast for us to catch. We had the chance to play this first game with our new captain, Myrthe, who’s task isn’t easy, not only to fill Arie’s shoes, but also to keep us motivated throughout a game where we could have all easily given up on. Fortunately, our game spirit was higher than our score and we all came out alive (or almost).

The game did not start in our favor as we kicked the ball to our opponent, forcing us to be on our defense A game from the first minute. However, us LSRG ladies, have a tendency to forget how to play rugby when we are put under such pressure. But our fighting mentalities always surge back up and after 15 minutes on constant scoring from Diok, we put ourselves together and started playing the way we had trained all weekend. We started using our new tactic of Joker (we might all have PTSD from hearing “WHO’S THE JOKER?”) but hey, if it works, it works. Kudos to Roos for claiming the spot of Joker, and always being in support of the ball carrier/ first receiver. As the game went on, we wanted to score a try more and more, helping us putting up a better defense, and a stronger attack. We came very close to scoring twice due to the heavy perseverance of our forwards, pushing through the crowd like a black Friday at Victoria secret, and the speed of our backs, almost as fast as when chasing boys in the Duke. We even have backs that believe they can be as strong as a prop, but end up looking like Jack Sparrow (yea, yea Pauline, I’m talking about you).

Overall, even though it was a really tough game through which we suffered, laughed, ran and kicked, we all did a great job at being a team (and we all know that’s what rugby is all about). It was so nice to see new girls gain confidence on the pitch and experienced girls coaching them. Our WOTM was Jan due to her perseverance, speed and strength during the game, even though she still thinks it was because of her tears. Special thanks to Louani who came to watch but who ran also as much as us to keep our water bottles filled and bodies hydrated. Can’t wait to see what we will be capable of throughout our season in second division.

Keep you hopes high and your tackles low,

Your favorite Frenchie xx

LSRG 2XV vs. Bassets 3

The first match versus the Bollenkwekers was physical and fair. The expectation for this match was that it would be a similar fight. Full of anxiety we strapped on our boots for what was supposed to be a tough match up. But I wasn’t to be so. The Hounds already gave a warning beforehand that they wouldn’t be able to play with 15. Eventually 12 eligible players came down to het Palenpadje to play some rugby, have some laughs and drink some beers. We commend them for showing up and not opting for the easy way out.

Before the proud Second XV was allowed on the pitch, we got the opportunity to watch our Ladies strike down another opponent and practically seal the Championship. The Ladies would also provide us with some welcomed snacks post game. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And we are certainly not here to read about the women.

Since the brown-black-white striped visitors started with 12 on the field, we countered with 13 men wearing the Skyblue Maroon. Right from the get go we managed to put on pressure and I didn’t take long for us to put points on the board. It was a familiar face who made us cheer for the first time. Mohrmann received the ball after some good forward plays and sprinted over the chalk line. And within 20 minutes the bonus point was already in. The remainder of the half was more of the same. Our individual quality was far higher than that of the opponent. The tries came raining in, just like the actual rain. The fact we had a man more on the field made quite the difference. Score at halftime: 41-0.

In the second half we kept on scoring tries, mostly because of individual effort. Although the score became prettier, the way played definitely did not. These opportunities to practise on playing the structure were there for us to take. But we failed to do so. This was the only thing we could have done better Sunday. What did make the game better to watch, was Luuk who generously put on a Bassets jersey and played alongside them. This evened out the number of players. It proved a welcome helping hand because the game became a lot more competitive. And after about 60 minutes they managed to score against us. It would be the last time we allowed them to be near our goal line. Score: 84-7.

For me the highlight of the game was Hidde scoring his first ever try! Geil. On a sad note, without knowing it we may have played our last match of the season. This sucks hard if it is true. Only time will tell. But if it was our last game, I would like to say it has been a great season! We started off with some tough losses and it took some time before we got the hang of it. During the season a core group formed and as a team you grew into the victory machine you are now! In the end, out of the 15 games we played, we have won 8! I’m proud of all the players who are part of this team and thankful for everyone involved. The future of the L.S.R.G. is bright!

Your Coach

2XV vs. Delftse Studenten

For the third time this season we played the Bicycle Repair(wo)men from Delft. The first time was quite the disappointment. We lost undeservedly by just 5 points and it left us feeling a bit down. When we met them for the second time, we did win, but only against 11 players of Delft. This game would measure our growth during the season properly and we would have an idea of where we stand now.

The team was filled with guys who made great progress from the beginning of this season. It’s great to see players who only started playing the game half a year ago are developing the way they are. I can’t imagine the team without someone like Jeroen. Always present at practise, enjoying every minute of rugby, learning the game and becoming a great fullback and strong asset to the team. Then there are the players like Hidde who has been with us for a couple of years now and is becoming one of the pillars of the Second XV. The confidence he is playing with is noticeable and especially in the scrum he is important for us. And lastly we got the opportunity to bring some players with us who have First XV experience. The extra push a player like Corrado gives us in Second Team is huge.

All this came together in Delft. Right from the start it was Leiden who pushed Delft against the wall and we didn’t let go. We made use of our strength in the centers and of course it was Harry who got over the line first. Using his big legs to power him forward, Delft was unable to stop him multiple times. After our lighting fast start it was time for the forwards to control the game. Unfortunately during the first half we made a lot of silly mistakes. Mostly it had to do with discipline. Standing offside next to the ruck is easily avoidable and the high tackles were unnecessary. When we play versus better teams we will get punished for these mistakes. That said we scored some great tries. Taxi Chris charging the line and making three hand offs was one highlight, Jeroen scoring the first try of his hattrick was another. HT: 34-0.

During half time the discipline issue was addressed and it got better in the second half. What was not so good, was the fact that Delft had no subs. In the true spirit of the game Luuk and Hein valiantly volunteered to swap the Skyblue and Maroon for the Black and Blue. Let’s hope for Delft that at their next game everyone does show up to play. Having Luuk in their team had an immediate impact and the result was two tries against us. Not that the game became close because we didn’t stop scoring as well, but still it was nice to have the competitive edge back. The best score of the day was saved for last and was an example of what went exceptionally well this game. The focus of this game: running in support. And this was textbook. Ernst, who was playing a great game, almost made it to the tryline. Maybe with a little bit more effort and greediness he could have made it. But instead he looked for the offload, found his support runner Hein and gave a perfect pop. Congrats to Hein for scoring his first try! Score: 10-66.

Man of the Match: Andrelon. Playing solid under the kicks, strong running with the ball in hands and scoring three tries because of your support. Maybe pass the ball to Matthijs one time?

Dick of the Day: Big Bart. Great game. Again you are demolishing defenses with your running and you tackle everyone who stands in your way. But why drop the ball when you’re over the tryline? Twice???

Your Coach

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