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LSRG Nieuws

2XV vs. RSRC

After storm Ciara it was time for Dennis to wreak havoc and mess up the playing schedule. Luckily the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute can only signal a minor breeze as a storm once a full moon so the play could continue this time. The one adjustment that was made, gave us some extra sleep because the match would be played in Leiden instead of Rotterdam. Their club being “the lowest rugby club in the world” comes with a pitch which becomes unplayable when someone takes a piss over it, let alone when it actually rains.

Het Palenpadje on the other hand is in perfect condition with rainy weather. The wind did make it harder to effectively use our passing game but we managed really well considering. Right from the start we weren’t afraid to give Jillis the ball and work his magic with his new center duo. Harry and Luuk showed that being new to a position doesn’t mean you can’t play good rugby. And after 25 minutes it all accumulated in an awesome Ja Toch. The move was executed with perfect running lines, timing and passing and the Rotterdam defence was completely flustered. It was followed up with go support running by Jeroen and it could have been a try were it not for the touch line. A bit unlucky but the move was still great. And it all happened without a lot of practise. For me this shows the potential and talent you guys possess.

But the first half started off with some strong refereeing. Rotterdam wanted to let us know they knew what a hit to the jaw is. So within five minutes three times the ref had to penalise them and with the third penalty came a yellow card. This helped the red and green pigs to tackle more disciplined and almost no high tackles were made in the rest of the game.

In general the first half was mostly the forwards fighting for the ball in scrums, line outs and rucks. Scrums were tough but we managed to control it most of the time. Line outs went well again when the ball was thrown straight. But we improved the most in the rucking game. The practise is paying off with this one. We had no problem keeping our own ball and we were even able to steal the ball a couple of times. Our strong offence was complemented by an excellent defence. Rotterdam was rarely able to break our line and kicked quite a lot. Just once they broke our defence and ran the ball in. They took the lead after the conversion because the try Luuk du Soleil wasn’t converted. The score at half time didn’t resemble the statistics. We dominated them but we were down 5-7.

The second half started where the first half stopped. From the beginning we put RSRC under pressure and started punching their defensive line. And it didn’t take long before we crossed the try line for the second time. This time it was Tim who stormed over and pushed the ball down, giving us the lead back. A much deserved lead. Although at that point we didn’t know it yet, but when we got ahead of them, the match was essentially over. Not only did we dominate the Leden from 010 but racked up the score as well after the break. One after the other, Sebas, Hollywood, Tim again and Harry scored tries and Jillis was solid with his kicks. Willem also scored his first try, so he will be running his Zumba somewhere in 2025! The final score of the game belonged to Luuk, who didn’t make a knock on fortunately while doing it. Score: 50-7.

One more memorable event of the game was one scrum where we totally owned them. It looked like everything suddenly clicked for us. So far in the season we have some issues controlling the scrum, but this scrum does give a hope we can turn it around. Together with the training we had this Tuesday, we will continue to build a stronger and tighter scrum and make this a foundation to build on.

Man of the Match: Lucas. The Ball Boy showed us what it’s like to be a team player. While everyone who didn’t play was taking shelter in the dugout, he was weathering the storm as our trusted linesman.

Dick of the Day: Rik. It’s sad to see one Committee member is working his ass off, while the other is cutting corners. Coming in late is not how we roll.

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