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LSRG Nieuws

1XV vs. RC The Hookers

As last Sunday was canceled due to a storm with such a terrifying name that even Genghis Khan would be frightened, we were very keen on finally playing a game. We were looking for our first win of 2020. The gods again had chosen to make it unable for the Dutch inhabitants to even understand what the Aussies were going through over the last few weeks. It was hosing. As we travelled to the most utter corner of Holland, we knew that it was going to be a battle against the elements. Luckily we were with great numbers at the Hookers as the ladies kicked off before us. While supporting the ladies, we noticed that their battle against the wind and rain made the pitch look more and more like a mud pool. It was going to be a great game for the backs.

We made a tactical decision to start playing against the wind. We knew that it would be better to start of tough and with a strong defence after which we would run them over in the second half. UnLSRGlike, we started sharp and were pressuring the hookers. As we trained the zigzag over the last few weeks, this focused worked payed off immediately. We retained the ball over multiple phases in the hookers 22 and finally crashed over the line to score. We felt that we could take them up front and started playing in their half. In the words of Wilnus, we got trigger-happy. We wanted to do too much with the ball and smash them in defence which gave us at least 10 penalties in the first half. As the wind was also in their back we were set back at least 40 meters everything they could kick the ball. Nevertheless, we were the better team and still finished the second half with a 12-0 score.

The second half was pretty one-sided. We used the weather in our advantage and played at least 90% of the time in their half. We kept on bashing with our system and sucking in defender after which we played it through the hands to get good field position or the score. Also a unique moment for this season, we got some soft tries. Probably for the first time this season our inexhaustible pressure in defence got us some scores. Almost every time they did something else then one ups, we got a turnover. It was also great to see that we had solid rucks and supporting lines. We didn't get one steal against us. As this is the first fully positive paragraph in a while, you can guess the outcome of the game. We won 0-44.

Honourable mentions go to the team for keeping the fight up full game. With these weather conditions it's very easy to take a lower gear and grind yourself through the game. We didn't do this, we kept going in 5th gear(or 6th if you have a nice car) and didn't gave them an inch. Special mentions go to Peter Steph du Koen, Big Dan, Hent and the front row. First of all Koen with his first try ever, very well deserved. This guy just keeps on going and never gives up, the so called next gen players (The Tesla). Big Dan and Hent were both named man of the match. These guys are the always reliable carriers and tacklers in the team and good for both two tries. To stay in the car metaphor , we could compare these guys to the Volvo station wagons of the team. Big enough to carry a team but need to kick-start the motor sometimes. Last but not least the front row, the Trekkers of the team. Build to deliver horse power and to keep going in the same gear without shifting much. These guys are not the people with nice drifting runs but are doing all the dirty work in the scrum and probably even make more meters than the average player. I could probably give everyone a special mentions because everyone really performed well this match. Let's build on this and smash Obelix at our turf the first of March!

Always drifting,


P.S. Don't forget to eat your fruits.

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