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Ladies XV vs. Wageningen

Whilst the majority of the Dutch population was drinking beer, either enjoying carnaval or enjoying the après ski, we had a game to win. With only 13 girls on our beloved Palenpadje, el capitan off to South America and the 'vjeze' being knocked down by the flue, this surely was no easy task. After last week's tight loss we could not afford to lose points against Wageningen, the bottom team of the poule.
Luckily we are quite friendly with the Wageningen women (perhaps because Sofie tightened the bond at the start of the season), so they agreed to an uncontested scrum before the match due to our lack of front row players.

The first half was tough against the strong wind. We were disorganized in defense because we lacked some of our experienced players and because of the hustled lineup. Still, we were the ones putting the first points on the board, with Marie making a run across their half. This gave us the much needed confidence we could win this game. We diverted a bit from our usual gameplan, with some crashes and pick-and-go's, creating space for our fast runners. With a HT score of 14-7 we were eager to smash them in the second half.

We owned the next 40 minutes, with 5 more tries and almost playing exclusively on Wageningen's half. Under pressure in their own 22, Wageningen gave away some penalties, resulting in some nice crashes over the tryline. Wageningen scoring was out of the question, with our defense back to the concrete wall it was during the first 5 games. Zoë's right foot was reliable as ever throughout the game, despite the wind, which made the FT score 47-7. The game was a true team effort, which made me even more proud of the result. People pushed through, played at completely new positions, stepped up their game and overcame the initial difficulties. Massive thanks to Karolina, who had not played in six months due to injury, but surprised us on sunday morning to help the team out and played a full game. WOTM was awarded to Daphne, who made amazing tackles, put the Wageningen backs under pressure and had the ungrateful task to throw lineouts in for the first time ever with an unforgiving wind. Thanks to the zijlijngezelschap and the 2XV for the support, hope to see you again at Palenpadje 3.0 on the 8th of march as we battle against the number two of the poule, hopefully on our way to the second division.


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