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2XV vs. Batavieren 1

A long anticipated game was upon us. After 5 wins we were hungry for an opponent who would test our abilities to the point of getting to know our limits. The improvements we underwent this season are huge and this was shown by the scores we racked up in the previous matches. But we also knew that, looking at the standings, The Batavieren are the only true competition for the topspot. We beat them the first time we met, back in October. And having grown in the season, we were confident we had the quality to beat them again.

With Sine Regno still in the back of the headache, we all assembled at ‘t Palenpadje to see our ladies win a great game. The conditions seemed unchanged from the last couple of weeks. Wind was battering the goalposts and some well timed rain made us remember we were still in the Netherlands. The game plan was simple: Try to avoid contact and get the ball wide. It was an obvious choice for us we wanted this type of game. Too bad for us it didn’t work out.

All the credit must go to the Combination Team for making this happen though. While our game was to avoid contact, their game plan was to go into contact as much as possible. It was as simple as it was effective. Everytime a player charged the gainline he went over and took about five meters. And in the centers a mean looking, bearded Romanian made the lives of the men in Skyblue and Maroon even worse. The score at the end of the first half said a lot: 24-0 to the visitors from below the riverlands.

But it didn’t tell the whole story. Every single one of us put our heart into tackling and running the ball. Maybe the score didn’t say so much, but the effort was there. Tim dominated his opponent a couple of times, Jurre was quick to make good hits and Falke made his mark in his first real game! In our running game we were a bit panicking. We tried so hard to put points on the board, that the game went too quickly for support to be present. Or we made a knock on after a good run. When we play this type of games, with lots of pressure on our defense, we must be precious with the ball in our possession. Settle a bit. Follow the plan. Let the forwards hit it up two times, create some space for the backs to run the ball. And then play again.

The second half was a more fun half to watch, except for two painful moments. Our scrum twice took a beating so hard, we crumbled under the pressure. This was a harsh reality for which the ref took action to. For the remainder of the game it would be uncontested scrums to ensure the safety of the players. Both teams scored a couple more tries, with Falke, playing his first match, immediately scoring his first try as well! Awesome job. We hope to see you play a lot more games for het Gezelschap.

The match was hard and all the players felt the pain of losing. But know that everyone played to their potential that day. The Batavieren are a tough bunch to play against and they deserved the win this day. Score: 19-48. We will now lick our wounds and come back with a vengeance on March 29th!

Man of the Match: Jurre. Still new to the club, he performed well above the average. The intensity of your tackles makes you a force to reckon with.

Dick of the Day: Aidan. Complaining about your country’s best players is one thing, but then not putting your money where your mouth is, is a second. The honour of bringing a sausage is well earned!

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