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2XV vs. Delftse Studenten

For the third time this season we played the Bicycle Repair(wo)men from Delft. The first time was quite the disappointment. We lost undeservedly by just 5 points and it left us feeling a bit down. When we met them for the second time, we did win, but only against 11 players of Delft. This game would measure our growth during the season properly and we would have an idea of where we stand now.

The team was filled with guys who made great progress from the beginning of this season. It’s great to see players who only started playing the game half a year ago are developing the way they are. I can’t imagine the team without someone like Jeroen. Always present at practise, enjoying every minute of rugby, learning the game and becoming a great fullback and strong asset to the team. Then there are the players like Hidde who has been with us for a couple of years now and is becoming one of the pillars of the Second XV. The confidence he is playing with is noticeable and especially in the scrum he is important for us. And lastly we got the opportunity to bring some players with us who have First XV experience. The extra push a player like Corrado gives us in Second Team is huge.

All this came together in Delft. Right from the start it was Leiden who pushed Delft against the wall and we didn’t let go. We made use of our strength in the centers and of course it was Harry who got over the line first. Using his big legs to power him forward, Delft was unable to stop him multiple times. After our lighting fast start it was time for the forwards to control the game. Unfortunately during the first half we made a lot of silly mistakes. Mostly it had to do with discipline. Standing offside next to the ruck is easily avoidable and the high tackles were unnecessary. When we play versus better teams we will get punished for these mistakes. That said we scored some great tries. Taxi Chris charging the line and making three hand offs was one highlight, Jeroen scoring the first try of his hattrick was another. HT: 34-0.

During half time the discipline issue was addressed and it got better in the second half. What was not so good, was the fact that Delft had no subs. In the true spirit of the game Luuk and Hein valiantly volunteered to swap the Skyblue and Maroon for the Black and Blue. Let’s hope for Delft that at their next game everyone does show up to play. Having Luuk in their team had an immediate impact and the result was two tries against us. Not that the game became close because we didn’t stop scoring as well, but still it was nice to have the competitive edge back. The best score of the day was saved for last and was an example of what went exceptionally well this game. The focus of this game: running in support. And this was textbook. Ernst, who was playing a great game, almost made it to the tryline. Maybe with a little bit more effort and greediness he could have made it. But instead he looked for the offload, found his support runner Hein and gave a perfect pop. Congrats to Hein for scoring his first try! Score: 10-66.

Man of the Match: Andrelon. Playing solid under the kicks, strong running with the ball in hands and scoring three tries because of your support. Maybe pass the ball to Matthijs one time?

Dick of the Day: Big Bart. Great game. Again you are demolishing defenses with your running and you tackle everyone who stands in your way. But why drop the ball when you’re over the tryline? Twice???

Your Coach

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