TRAINING: Tuesday: 1XV 20.00-21.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30, Ladies XV 20.30-22.00 // Thursday: 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00, Ladies XV 19.30-21.00


LSRG Nieuws

LSRG 2XV vs. Bassets 3

The first match versus the Bollenkwekers was physical and fair. The expectation for this match was that it would be a similar fight. Full of anxiety we strapped on our boots for what was supposed to be a tough match up. But I wasn’t to be so. The Hounds already gave a warning beforehand that they wouldn’t be able to play with 15. Eventually 12 eligible players came down to het Palenpadje to play some rugby, have some laughs and drink some beers. We commend them for showing up and not opting for the easy way out.

Before the proud Second XV was allowed on the pitch, we got the opportunity to watch our Ladies strike down another opponent and practically seal the Championship. The Ladies would also provide us with some welcomed snacks post game. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And we are certainly not here to read about the women.

Since the brown-black-white striped visitors started with 12 on the field, we countered with 13 men wearing the Skyblue Maroon. Right from the get go we managed to put on pressure and I didn’t take long for us to put points on the board. It was a familiar face who made us cheer for the first time. Mohrmann received the ball after some good forward plays and sprinted over the chalk line. And within 20 minutes the bonus point was already in. The remainder of the half was more of the same. Our individual quality was far higher than that of the opponent. The tries came raining in, just like the actual rain. The fact we had a man more on the field made quite the difference. Score at halftime: 41-0.

In the second half we kept on scoring tries, mostly because of individual effort. Although the score became prettier, the way played definitely did not. These opportunities to practise on playing the structure were there for us to take. But we failed to do so. This was the only thing we could have done better Sunday. What did make the game better to watch, was Luuk who generously put on a Bassets jersey and played alongside them. This evened out the number of players. It proved a welcome helping hand because the game became a lot more competitive. And after about 60 minutes they managed to score against us. It would be the last time we allowed them to be near our goal line. Score: 84-7.

For me the highlight of the game was Hidde scoring his first ever try! Geil. On a sad note, without knowing it we may have played our last match of the season. This sucks hard if it is true. Only time will tell. But if it was our last game, I would like to say it has been a great season! We started off with some tough losses and it took some time before we got the hang of it. During the season a core group formed and as a team you grew into the victory machine you are now! In the end, out of the 15 games we played, we have won 8! I’m proud of all the players who are part of this team and thankful for everyone involved. The future of the L.S.R.G. is bright!

Your Coach

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