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LSRG Nieuws

DXV vs. DIOK - Derby

Sunday was the day we all had been waiting for since the grey March 8th, the day we played our last game before the lockdown. After resuming practice in June, we’ve all been boiling to play and smash some girls. That day eventually came, and I think we will never forget the soreness that we are all feeling after this battle.

On September 20, 2020, we played the LEIDEN DERBY, against Diok, former sister club for some, feared enemy for others. Was the task not hard enough being the first game in 6 months, Diok holds some pretty tough players. Some play in the national team, some are under 18 (much more in shape than some of us old cows) and some were just too fast for us to catch. We had the chance to play this first game with our new captain, Myrthe, who’s task isn’t easy, not only to fill Arie’s shoes, but also to keep us motivated throughout a game where we could have all easily given up on. Fortunately, our game spirit was higher than our score and we all came out alive (or almost).

The game did not start in our favor as we kicked the ball to our opponent, forcing us to be on our defense A game from the first minute. However, us LSRG ladies, have a tendency to forget how to play rugby when we are put under such pressure. But our fighting mentalities always surge back up and after 15 minutes on constant scoring from Diok, we put ourselves together and started playing the way we had trained all weekend. We started using our new tactic of Joker (we might all have PTSD from hearing “WHO’S THE JOKER?”) but hey, if it works, it works. Kudos to Roos for claiming the spot of Joker, and always being in support of the ball carrier/ first receiver. As the game went on, we wanted to score a try more and more, helping us putting up a better defense, and a stronger attack. We came very close to scoring twice due to the heavy perseverance of our forwards, pushing through the crowd like a black Friday at Victoria secret, and the speed of our backs, almost as fast as when chasing boys in the Duke. We even have backs that believe they can be as strong as a prop, but end up looking like Jack Sparrow (yea, yea Pauline, I’m talking about you).

Overall, even though it was a really tough game through which we suffered, laughed, ran and kicked, we all did a great job at being a team (and we all know that’s what rugby is all about). It was so nice to see new girls gain confidence on the pitch and experienced girls coaching them. Our WOTM was Jan due to her perseverance, speed and strength during the game, even though she still thinks it was because of her tears. Special thanks to Louani who came to watch but who ran also as much as us to keep our water bottles filled and bodies hydrated. Can’t wait to see what we will be capable of throughout our season in second division.

Keep you hopes high and your tackles low,

Your favorite Frenchie xx

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