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LSRG Nieuws

DXV vs. Foeiste Moiden

One-hundred and eighty-five days since our official promotion.

Over two-hundred days since our last match.

We went weeks without rugby practice.

But we were ready.

We arrived early at the Alkmaarse Rugby Club, welcomed by a closed gate and big rainy clouds. But nothing could tame our enthusiasm to be back on the pitch. No derby or warm-up day could satisfy our hunger to devour a second division team. Like a 23 headed beast our team entered the pitch. Well in time to loosen up our jaws, stretch our muscles and warm up our jaws. One by one our prey trickled in. Overwhelmed by our unity, our big number of girls, our level of skill. They managed to form a team of 13 girls. Since we came all this way to play a decent game we decided to donate not one but two of our fantastic new girls. Giving them an opportunity to watch how we play as a team from the other side of the battle, while gaining valuable game experience.

The game was played 15 to 14 girls. We started against the strong wind. They immediately came close to our try-line. This was not what we imagined, not how we wanted to start the game. We fought hard to not let them score. Trying to win meters by kicking the bal. But to no avail. Their first try was scored after 12 minutes, but that would be all they would have to celebrate that day. We reminded ourselves what we came here to do, it was time to show Alkmaar that we deserve to be in the second division.

We tried to go through the middle, again and again, making us lose the ball. We underestimated the power of our three quarter line. Rells managed to score a try from the scrum, Pauline also managed to score a try. Ending the first half in 7-12. The second half, we all got our head in the game. Kicking and chasing, making use of our new speedy rooky Flo. Who made amazing tackles and even more impressive runs, earning her the well-deserved Woman Of The Match title. Our scrums were strong, our line-outs high and greedy. We were standing deeper, aiding for better passing and catching. We made nice off-loads in attack. We kept using the joker. We kept recycling when breaking through to score a try. And Arie kept kicking the ball between the poles. Left and right people got knocked down and injured, luckily we had enough players to change them up. The sun broke through and we were on top of our game. Yv, Myrthe (twice!), Arie and Wendy settled the scores, pumping up our numbers in the second half to “veul” as Ashley would say. would later update us to 7-41, bringing LSRG Dames 1 to the top of the list.

No one knows how long we will get to stand in the top of the list. Lets hope we can stay there for the rest of the season, thanks to our skills, not thanks to Corona. Stay home, stay safe. And hopefully, we get a lot more opportunities to showcase our skill, intimidate and defeat the rest of the second division.

Keep your body fit and your inner beast hungry,


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