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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Delftse Dames

Sunday, April 3rd. It was time to go on the road again, and we went to Delft. It was the last game of the first 5. After this match, we will start playing the ‘returns.’ So far, we have been undefeated for the previous five (+2) games. And we were eager to keep it that way.

The saying says: April does whatever it wants, and April made sure we knew. It was cold. And it was early (the earliest game we have played so far). On the road, Hag™ received a call from Delft, which made us anxious that our game would be canceled. However, luckily, it was apparently a mistake, and we could continue our trip. Arriving in Delft, we had to wait for 20 min for them to open the gate (it felt like a repetition of the last game). In the meantime, Myrthe forgot to take her keys out of her car, resulting in a very low/empty car battery. What a way to start!

But we were happy to be back in Delft, with their sandy fields and stinky locker rooms. Jokes aside, the real reason why we were happy was that we had high hopes for this game. Or maybe it was better to state that we expected a challenging game. And a challenging game it was going to be. In the last couple of weeks, we showed that we had worked on our attacking lines; we also expected to show more of our defense this week. It was the return of Charlotte, who was finally able to get back on her legs. In addition, we could also finally play 15-15 again! Hurray for the preferred system.

PSA: if you are such a big fan of our DXV as I think you are, you can even watch the game on youtube: see:

Kick-off: After only a few minutes, a great move of Yv pulled the opponent's defense to the middle of the field. Some fast transfers got the ball to Zoë. Delft made a last attempt to grab her by her shirt, but they missed, giving full space to score a try. Being typically Zoë, of course, she scored her own conversion, scoring 0-7. Already early in the match, Delft showed their resistance. A long line of attacks from Delft resulted in a try. An equalizer conversion (held by a human tee) brought the score to 7-7. But our girls kept fighting! The ball was passed via the attacking line following a ruck to Yv, who could make a break, run more than half of the pitch independently, and score a try. A little later, after a long series of pick and go, the final ‘pick’ was by Zoë, and indeed she ‘went’ and scored another try.

A long series of attacks led us close to the try line; however, we could not score. After a break from Delft, Fast ‘n Furious-Fred made a final attempt to stop one of the Delftgirls, but even she could not prevent Delft from scoring another try. Realizing we needed to keep focussing, we continued our game. A lovely pick and go was followed by Femke trying to make a try, but she had mistaken the 5m line for the try line (wuttt). Kim made the final attempt, and a maul pushed her over that tryline! Excellent teamwork, all girls except Femke! Fred was able to make a break and gain some valuable ground. Via the line, the ball ended up with Zoë, who was able to make the try! Halftime: 14-35.

One of our favorite lineswomen ‘(the sound of the) Pau-lice’ was waving the flag again, giving us some extra spirit to keep pushing in that second half. In the meantime, some rain decreased the dustiness of the field but increased the will for battle. Ashley asked for permission to leave a little early, but this was only granted when she at least had scored a try. So, she did. She smashed through the defense line, sprinted like her inner winger allowed, and made that try. Keeping this game on edge, Delft managed to get close to our try line, but we were able to steal the ball back. One of Zoë’s amazing kicks got the ball on the other side of the pitch again, giving us a moment to breathe.

At one moment, Delft thought that Iris’ face had healed already far too nicely from the kick in the eye two games ago, and thought Iris could use a kick in the nose. Luckily not much damage was done, so she only had to leave the pitch for a while. When Hag left the pitch, Linde took her place and played fly-half for the first time. And boy, she really played well in that position! She was able to find the right girls on the field and to be the connection between the forwards and the back.

After a long period of no tries - but many attacks and defending actions, leading all 30 girls over the pitch - we were finally able to get close to the opponents’ try line. A tough scrum, followed by some speedy attacks, ultimately resulted in a try by Mytrhe. Some moments after this, we found ourselves again very close to the try line and tried another maul. However, this time, the ball was less successful, Delft was able to steal the ball back, and eventually, the ball got kicked out again towards the middle of the pitch by Delft. Sanne kicked the ball forward at a certain moment but gained nothing with it, and it only hit one of our girls in the head. However, she made a nice break a few moments later, and her fast legs led to another try.

With only 10 min left on the clock, we were already happy with a score of 14-56. But, the game was not over yet. Side-step Sanne scored a final try, but even that was not the end of the game! A series of pick-and-go’s let us close to the try line again, but instead of the ball going through the air, it was Peppies legs. During a ruck, one of the Delftgirls used a crocodile roll on Pep, resulting in an almost-murder attempt. Pep luckily survived, and the Delftgirl had to leave the pitch with a yellow card. This left us with the advantage of playing 14-15, but we were only seconds away from the end signal. A final scrum ended the game. FT 14-63.

It was not an easy game; it was not an easy win. Delft kept our girls on edge. Scrums, tackles, and running lines on both sides were very strong. Delft really showed us that we need to keep working on our defense, that we need to keep working for those tries. We were only a meter away from the try line multiple times, but somehow we could not score due to their strong defense. So although we won, congratulations on the game Delfse Dames. You made it hard. And we want to thank you for that!

It might become boring to state, but this was again a team win. Multiple girls played again in numerous positions on the field, mixing and mingling whenever needed. It’s so great to see the entire team grow every game. We are finding each other, feeling each other. Our passes are tighter, our tackles are lower, and we are getting more and more aggressive in the rucks, both attacking and defending. Zoë was well deserved crowned WOTM because of her fantastic play, today even more than usual. Her fast passes, great tackles, and fast runs really upgraded the game. And I want to point out that she scored every conversion this game!!! Loes was crowded WOTM by the opponent. Loes then showed how ‘stuko’ of a GP she was by out drinking all the youngsters. Way to go, Loes! Good to have a strong game within and outside of the field. Myrthe was awarded the Vajayjay for the whole situation with the empty car battery. 




  • Zoë 3 (and nine conversions)
  • Yv 
  • Kim 
  • Ashley 
  • Myrthe
  • Sanne 2


WOTM: Opponent: Loes

Vajayjay: Myrthe


So, we did it! We were undefeated for the first five matches. We are looking forward to seeing all the teams again for the returns. See you guys this Super Sunday.

- Koos

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