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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. SRC Thor 1

Another important match for the 1XV. The last game against Haarlem clearly showed that we are the team to beat for all teams in our division, standing at the top of the table. This week Thor was the opponent. During the week many messages were send between Douwe and their president which was claiming that they were going to kick us of the throne. We came well prepared as one kick was the only difference last time we played them. The hate towards them also wasn’t put underneath chairs and benches by our president so we were fired up for this game. Wilnus and Brian prepared us well and we new exactly how to target this game.

After the last game against Haarlem we all made the agreement to not take any opponent lightly. Everyone was mentally prepared this time but sadly the public transport was not in our favour. Normally we go by car but now we couldn’t reserve any as the seconds also were in need of cars. Somehow the odds weren’t in our favour as a technical issue stopped trains from driving for the whole day… After arranging still some cars last minute, Bram leaving late with Joris and Mowgli taking a taxi we all arrived just in time at the field of thor. In addition to this, Sander was jumped by a group or North-African boiis and wasn’t sure if he was to beat up to play. Flashbacks of Rome (“el sesso analle e molto periculoso, ma lo fa faccio per te). Nonetheless, we were all focused and well prepared and were ready to take them on. From the kick-off the tone was set immediately. Eventhough we dropped the first ball and got a early scrum against on the 22. We were ready to play. A passage of 4 minutes followed in which thor were only put back. The real tone was set by the smallest man on the field, Bob, lift tackling one of their players on a mini-break. From this moment on we new we weren’t going to lose this game. The only thing in our way was the referee. Abysmal discipline at the ruck wasn’t penalized once. Nonetheless, this was also a student side and we were lucky that none of us took to much use of this (real gentleman like). We finally got some opportunities and after putting them in their own 22 we got a line out in there. A perfectly executed Rhino playstation combination saw Pierre scoring untouched (5-0). After this we kept them in their half of the field for the rest of the first half. Many opportunities weren’t taken or negated by weird penalty calls. Nonetheless, Leidsche Omnivore Guus stood up at took matters in his own hands. Some quick rucks gave Guus some space to drift through and after show and going to players he went underneath the post (12-0). More opportunities were wasted after this but Thor just really couldn’t do anything against our pressure. Just at half time we were at the tryline of Thor for plays. Bob saw the opportunity so show and go but the ref was in the wrong place and sadly called for a knock-on and half time.

The second half was started by putting on the golden bench. A somewhat slower start and some unlucky calls saw Thor score (12-5). After this the trend started in the first half was carried on. A perfectly executed Rhino saw Joris score (again) (17-5). Again, thor was not able get rid of the pressure. Our defensive line manhandled their 10 all day (like we trained) and after 60 minutes he really didn’t want to run it in anymore. Some perfect phase play saw Thor bunch up in the middle of the field. After this the pink backdoor gave Flip just enough space to get through three defenders and score (22-5). This was the nail in the coffin for Thor but we were still in need on one try for the bonus points. Another passage of play as played at the tryline of Thor and again we couldn’t capitulate. Bob took his chances, now clearly grounding the ball but afterwards a hand was shoved underneath the ball and held up was given… Luck really didn’t seem to be on our side. Luckily, our defensive line pressure gave us the reward, a lose pass was pick-up by Kyle who jogged his way untouched underneath the posts (29-5).

This game we again showed how much we have grown as a team. In the past, games that were so much influenced by other factors than the players were the ones we lost bigtime. Now we stood up, everyone knew what he had to do, and we even had reserve people watching in the side-line to step in at any time if necessary. Another team effort gave us the win this weekend! SO to everyone on the team for being there, especially the side-lined people. Man of the match was Guus who’s game management pulled us through the game. Also a special mention to Kyle for his defensive efforts, Sander for playing even though he was beat up the night before, Joris for managing everything from a gala in fucking Venray and mowgli for taking the taxi and afterwards playing one hell of a game.

Always drifting,


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