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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. Foeste Moiden

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, NO TIME FOR LOSERS, 'CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONSSSSSS,...... OF THE SECOND DIVISION (plate). We did it, we secured our first position one game before the final game of this league! Unfortunately, we are not undefeated (as there was still that one match against delft, the toughest match of the year). BUT YEASH, WE DID IT!

So, as you could have guessed; WE WON. End of the match report.

Just kidding, I would not want to withhold the game report from you.

It was a warm and sunny day and we were getting ready for quite the trip, all the way to the north of Noord-Holland, Schagen to play against the Foeiste Maiden (FM). The last time we were there, it was raining like crazy (oh how the seasons have changed). Due to roadworks (at least that is what they claim), some of the cars took a touristic route, and we saw all the nice things that the Netherlands has to offer: flower fields, windmills, the polder (in general); wholesome and lovely.

Because some of our regulars were missing, we were led by our new (vice) captain Mip and we were going for the win. We again played ‘line-up in the mix’ due to many absences. Winger Wendy was placed on the second row, and Loes showed how flexible she was within the forwards by playing on the first row. While we were playing ‘line-up in the mix’, FM played ‘our line-up doesn’t exist’ with only ten players on the pitch this time (and one baby). Although it was suggested to play 8s in the first half and 7s in the second half, we decided to play 13-13, with three subs from our side. We said goodbye to Meagan, Linde & Helena and started to get ready for the game.

Kick-off. For the first few minutes, we were a bit intimidated by the ‘big’ girls of the FM. We forgot to go forwards, we forgot to attack, and we did not dare to go in. However, this was fixed by playing our fast attack/transit game. Elfie received the ball, she passed it to forwards/winger Wendy. Wendy gave on her turn an offload to Zoë, who ran half the pitch on her own (classic) and scored the first try. With Hag kicking the conversion, it was already 0-7 after only 10 minutes. And this was the first of many! Yv showed again what she was worth by making the following two tries; one of these resulted from a speedy penalty, leaving the opponents confused behind. Anso also showed the opponent they needed to be afraid of her (instead of the other way around) by making two tries. Even when FM came dangerously close to our try line, sidestep Zoë ran FULL pitch by herself, leaving everyone stunned and breathless. When the FM did not pay full attention, Wendy saw the opportunity in the middle of the field, found the gap, made the break, and ran with the wind beneath her wings, scoring another try. Following this example, Peppie showed that she also knew how that worked, and with the classic peppie-hands-off (in the face?), she was able to pass the opponents in the middle of the field, securing the halftime score at 0-55.

With pain in our hearts, we handed Elfie, Peter, and Peppie to the opponents for the second half. However - as a result of ‘line-up in the mix,’ -  the returned Linde now found herself on the second row (although the scrum was changed to uncontested). FM made use of their reclaimed strength after the break and scored a try when the second half only just started. On our side, the theme of the second half of the game was ‘support.’ After a long series of attacks, passes via the lines, and pick-and-goes, Hag was the one to make this team try (AND A FIRST TRY FOR HAG HERSELF). Another effort of the team resulted in a try, scored by Helena. When FM came (again) dangerously close to our 5m, Zoë kicked the ball across the field. With great support, the ball eventually ended up at Annie, also making her FIRST TRY. Yv and Zoë showed multiple times that, although they like the team (I think), they could also do it by themselves, and both ran multiple times half-pitch (or even FULL pitch) on their own (with only our ladies on the FM side still chasing them). I’m still impressed with how amazingly fast these girls are! With a final try on the FM side, we ended the game with an end score of 12 - 84.

Some special attention for our limited zijlijngezelschap, consisting of puffer/tee/lineswoman/motivational speaker/podcaster “Injured Iris” and ranging reporter/water carrier/shouter/podcaster/socials-photographer “corona Koosie,” who were of great help at the pitch when actually all girls were playing, and at the same time, keeping all girls at home updated about everything happening on the field with podcast worthy voice messages. LSRG podcast, WHEN?!

With the score, we secured our top position in this league, crowning ourselves champion of the 2nd division. Wendy was crowned WOTM because of her overall abilities on the wing and her newfound talent on the second row. The opponent chose Loes, as she was a great stand-in/on-the-field captain today, supporting and positively coaching our girls to the win. Hag was handed the Vajayjay because even though she kicked three successful conversions, she also kicked another three conversions directly ON the poles (which is a talent by itself).

At the end of the game, the news reached us that XVI also became champion (although sadly by a canceled/claimed game). So instead of rushing all the way to Hoek van Holland to watch their second half, we headed to the Duke to celebrate both our victories. Coming Sunday, it’s the last super Sunday! With two teams (XVI and DXV) already first in their poule and one team (XVII) still in the running to become first, this will be a festive super Sunday. See you all there! 


The Statistics: 

Scored tries: 

-Zoë 3x (and 4 conversions)

  • Yv 4x
  • Anso 2x
  • Wendy
  • Peppie
  • Hag (and 3 conversions)
  • Helena
  • Annie

WOTM: Wendy

WOTM opponent: Loes

Vajayjay: Hag


- Koos

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