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LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. Foeste Moiden

Sunday 13 March, mini Super Sunday. Although we were still number 1 in our division after two matches, there was a certain tension before this game. Our opponent, Foeste Moiden, is playing a far better second half of the season than the first half, beating challenging other teams in our league. We did not know what to expect. The only thing we could do was thrust upon ourselves, our skills, and our system.

It was an exciting start of the game. The ref was a really tall guy, creating a certain kind of optic illusion that our girls were really tiny. We arranged with the opponent to play 13-12. This was not our preference, as we build are system upon playing with 15 (and we are happy to provide extra players). However, it is what it is, and now, we actually had 9 substitute players. And this was the base of the tactics of today: “rolling subs.” After a significant action on the pitch, the person involved could get some rest, and a fresh player would replace the girl that just went out. We expected this to result in less tiredness and more focus. In addition, we got to try out many combinations of different girls playing in different positions.


Early in the game, we felt that we had to get used to playing with 13 girls, and not let ourselves get tempted into playing ‘clods-rugby.’ We had to remind ourselves to use the full width of the field and use the overlap that we had. Ten minutes into the game, the first one to make a try was Loes! Five minutes later, following a scrum, the ball was played along the attacking line: Zoë created a break, made a try, and kicked a conversion. Only 15 minutes into the game, and it was already 12-0. A nice 1-2 between Sanne and Roos created a beautiful running line for Roos. After a tackle and a real quick pick-and-go from Yv, we scored another try. And these were again the first of many. Sara was really in an attacking mode today, playing quite close to the defense line. With some quick moves she was able to make certain breaks, and with some well-timed passes, the ball ended up where it needed to be (most of the time in the hands of Zoë or Yv) and created great chances for tries. Although most of the moves of Sara were on fire, one time, she actually gave (not even passed, but really handed) the ball to the opponent. She was luckily able to steal the ball back herself (to maybe lose it again in a similar move). Sanne was really on fire today. She created multiple breaks and even ran half the field on her own, with the opponent chasing her, feeling her breathing down her neck. Impressive, especially when you realize that Sanne had covid quite recently. One minute before the break, opponent was able to score a try, for which the score af halftime was 52-5

Although we were already quite pleased with this score, we were motivated to try to double it! Zoë let us know that we actually missed 11 chances on a try, so the score could have easily been already +100. With these words in mind, we started the second half. The second half was themed “experimental”. Some of the more regular players were now standing on the side-line (getting some breath), and less straightforward combinations were made on the field. In addition, it was decided that the scrums would be uncontested (with great protest from our forward's captain: “if they wanted uncontested scrums, they could have picked table tennis as a sport”). So with boring scrums (and wet balls), we continued the second half.

There was some confusion when Captain Myrthe (our main jumper) was not on the pitch, and we had to do a line-out. This was the moment where Wendy had waited for. Without hesitation, she placed herself in the line-out and jumped as if she’s practiced it all week. Unfortunately, we did not win the line-out, but it was great to see all the mixing-up again! Wendy also kicked the ball at the right moment, ALMOST resulting in a try. Myrthe did try that same kick, which, again, also, ALMOST resulted in a try. Iris was kicked in the face (not by Wendy or Myrthe), which resulted in a bloody eye and a quick visit to the GP to get it all glued up. Pep showed she also had theater-skills when she overreacted on a ‘high tackle’ and was quite pleased with that performance. In the meantime, both Zoë and Myrthe scored (multiple) tries. Helena created a break following a great pass and made her first try! In addition, she kicked her own conversion! This girl - on fire! At the end of the match, Kim ran in at exactly the right speed, making a break and making her first try! So proud of you! With the sound of the Pau-lice (“they are standing OFFSIDE”), we headed into the last few minutes of the game. Flo made some excellent tackles but could not prevent the opponent made two more tries in the second half. We ended the game with 85-17.

This game showed us that (almost) everybody on the field is replaceable. This might not sound ‘nice’, but this means that we are creating a team that is not resting on the quality of a few specific players. We continue to grow as a team, both in individual actions and cooperation. Femke was crowned WOTM for her continuous and stable power in our front five. The opponent chose Zoë (who played a fantastic game, with five tries and eight conversions). Loes was crowned as the Vajayjay, as she was kicked in the Vajayjay during the match. 




  • Loes 
  • Zoë 5 (8 conversions)
  • Yv 2 (1 conversion)
  • Sanne 2
  • Myrthe 
  • Helena (1 conversion)
  • Kim 


WOTM: Femke

WOTM opponent: Zoë

Vajayjay: Loes


Femke really compensated for forgetting the Vajayjay last week, and the bag's content (including brie) made both forwards and backs very happy. We finished the day by watching the game of XVI. Next Sunday, we will play against Groot Mokum, which was a challenging opponent last time. We’ll just hope they will also remember us for our good scrums and wet balls. See you guys there!


L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. The Hookers 2

Sunday 13th of March. After fighting mostly against the elements and winning bigtime in places like Middelburg and The Hague, D-day was there. The only team that beat the LSRG 1XV this year was the opponent for today. Weeks of preparation had gone by and a tactical attack and defensive plan was laid out. We were all set to challenge the hookers sitting on the top of the table. We had a strong side and a great support for the game. A side with 7 similarities from the team sheet the day before against Diok I was shown. Nonetheless, we were read to take any team on. Everyone looked well prepared and after a great pre-match talk by Bart Bogaers, we were ready to take the first step to a championship.  

The game started as we expected. For the first time in weeks a team was challenging us and the same probably applied for them. Hard hits left and right and quick hands from both sides were displayed in a game worthy of the 1st class. Joris and Henry lead up front by hitting the Hookers back every time in the first half. This eventually also led to the hookers backing out of running down their channels. Our kicking strategy was perfectly applied in the first half and we were able to put a lot of pressure on the Hookers. We were really playing in the right parts of the field and the hookers looked a bit shocked. A team that normally plays what they see where tactically a bit over played in the first half. This together with the defensive pressure gave us opportunities to turn-over the ball multiple times. We took our chances immediately and shot 2 penalties to be leading 6-0 after 20 minutes. Still the hookers were a quality side and displayed this even having not many opportunities. A small part where we were a bit slacking gave them the opportunity to go back to their offloading game behind the defensive line. This followed up by some forward momentum saw them score there first try (6-7). Nonetheless, we were still in control of this game. We seized the moment and got back to where we left of before this small passage of play. Again, a lot of pressure from us and a perfect display in the system play got us a penalty close to their 5-meter line. After a great executed Rhino and some bashing with the forwards, Matthijs saw the opportunity to do a little Ardie Savea like pick and go right through the ruck and scored (13-7). With the golden bench partly on the field we were in control but still it was clear that a small opportunity could spark the Hookers side. A tug of war began, and it was not clear who was going to give in the first. Again, some great hands from the Hookers saw them going from side to side creeping closer to the tryline. Luck wasn’t on our side this time and they got another opportunity which they capitulated on immediately (13-14). Still apart from these few moments we were controlling the game. Normally a slight weakness in our team, the line out consistency, was right on point today. We were winning our line-out and contesting theirs like we trained all week. This led to us going to the corner more and pressuring them with the moves we prepared all year. The Rhino was going perfectly and lead up to another try. The hookers back out of the maul hoping to get an offside penalty but Joris reacted kindly to this spinning away and through the ‘’maul” and dotting down against his old team. After a missed conversion we lead 18-14 at halftime. The game felt like it could go either way at any moment. We were in control, but they were just waiting for those few opportunities to take. One thing was clear at the start of the second half, are we going to give in on fitness or are they going to.  

The second half even upped the level of the first half. Although there were less stand out hits, both teams were displaying great attacking and defensive skill. Nonetheless, we were winning the battle up front. All our forwards were calm and took their defensive line on, making meters slow and steady. The first cracks started showing in the Hookers side. In the first half already one player got injured and in the second half two more followed (coincidently players that had ready played minutes the day before). In contrary to this, we were able to put on fresh players, like Zimbabwean Kyle, who were ready for them. The golden bench really worked out and we were going through and around them. After a great run from Dirk followed by an even better run from Kyle, we were at their 5-meter zigzagging for glory. The defenders were sucked in and Guus and Bob identified a Mayday option. Sadly, the ball was a bit slow but to compensate for this Bob created a diversion making it look like he was going the other way and passing it through his legs for Guus after which great hands led Lonny score untouched (23-14). After this the high tempo of the game was taking tis toll. Both teams were looking partly fit and partly unfit. Another player of the hookers went off and this saw a small Italy six nations moment come back to our game. Hookers didn’t have any front rowers anymore and were necessary to go to non-contested scrum. As this was their own mistake, they needed to go down to 14 men (great referring by Joep tbh). It was not clear if this was tactical or not, but this actually gave them the perfect platform to attack from. We were putting a lot of pressure on their scrum and now they got free ball to attack from. This was exactly what they were desiring. Their backline consisting of many occasional and standard ere-klasse players started to play again. Nonetheless, great defensive display from everyone saw them not able to score. Nonetheless, we also were deteriorating, and this gave them another opportunity out wide. Tbh, they deserved a backs-try and got one at the end. Great hands close to the line and a great line outrunning yours truly, saw them like bees on honey. Finally breaking the defensive line clean, good supporting game in combination with a missed tackle and they scored (23-21). Still, we were having the upper hand apart from those few magic moments. We saw our opportunity to close this game and were again running hard lines at them. After getting back in their 22, we sadly lost the ball close to their tryline. A cheeky little hand of Douwe shoving the ball out of the ruck saw the ball rolling over the line with only a prop forward close to it. He went probably against his primal instinct and kicked the ball. A total mishit saw the ball end up right in the hands of Tweak 10 meters out, which charged for the line and scored (28-21). Still a one score game. Hookers still had the desire to score and with just a minute left started to throw the ball around. In our own 22 some great defending got them on the backfoot. A forced play through the hands saw and great line speed gave the opportunity to intercept the ball after which the final whistle was blown. WE FUCKING WON THE GAME.  

Tbh, this was a team effort. A few times in my year at the LSRG we’ve been in these places and always lost. This was probably the first time really everyone stood up in the game. No one was willing to lose this game. Even everyone on the side that also worked hard for this victory was essential in this victory. Odds weren’t on our side, but we still won! SO, to the whole team but especially also everyone that was not on the pitch. This really was a total team effort. Everyone in that 40-man squad had their part in this victory. Next time maybe other people will be on and off the pitch but nonetheless everyone is crucial in this road to championship. This was only part 1 of many parts to come. Every game is now final and with this squad and the whole Gezelschap at our side I think we can really go for it. Rarely, the words of the Palenpadje fit a moment this perfect.   

Always drifting,


L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. RRC D1

Sunday 6 March. It was a beautiful day to be on the road again. The sun was already happily shining when we woke up, so we brought our sunglasses and sunscreen, and went on the road again, this time to Rotterdam. It was an easy morning, and an easy departure. Not many casualties. Although, the day before, we realized that we forgot to appoint someone to bring the kit (which was left somewhere at the USC). Luckily, Sanne was able to bring it (otherwise the game photos would result in a new naked ladies calendar, which you still can buy btw!). Femke was lost, but soon to be found and picked up, and we went to Rotterdam. Compared to the last game, this was an easy drive. Almost boring, no wind, no rain, and no Celine Dion.

In Rotterdam, apparently it was Superduper Sunday. There were a lot of spectators, which gave us the chance to show Rotterdam how to play some women's rugby. We knew from our last game against Rotterdam that we could win, as long as we kept the pressure high! After a sunny warm-up and a great hype session in their huge dressing rooms, it was time to play!

We had a certain tactic, as we wanted to play the first half with the sun in the back, and the wind in the face (so we could have an easier 2nd half), however, our opponent opted for the same, and after losing the toss, we knew that we had to establish a great baseline score in the first half. And we did.

I already want to state, this match was a beautiful example of team spirit and team actions. And of course, some of our classic moves. So here comes the report:

Kick-off. Classic, our blistering Zoë, as amazing and fast as she always is, was the first one to make a try, and followed her own try with a conversion. Following a maul, some 'quick hands' brought the ball to Yv, which scored the second try. Zoë scored again a conversion, this time from a difficult angle (and with some difficult wind), for which I thought it was extra worth mentioning! Ashley took a sprint and pushed (or almost fired) her opponent far over the sideline. Later in the match, Yv realized that this was also something that she could do (and do better), so she took a sprint, jumped upon her opponent. Indeed, Yv landed her opponent further away from the sideline than Ashley did. Not really sure whether we are going to see more of this human curling in the coming matches, but the bar has definitely been set. There were a lottttttt of scrums, and I think the challenging part was not to laugh when the ref kept shouting 'skroutsch' instead of 'crouch'. Anso was the victim of a nasty tackle, resulting in a smack on the head. She had to leave the field to recover, but we have trust she will be back soon! After a total of 4 more tries and 3 conversions, we ended the first half with 0-33.

In the second half, our game got a bit rough. Rotterdam was really eager to make that first try. We got sloppy, we left some gaps, and BWEM, there it was, 7 points for Rotterdam. We might needed this try to realize that this was not an 'easy win'. We needed to keep playing our game, keep putting pressure, and not let them walk over us. Which we then did! Pep again had some amazing breaks (and some handsoff in the face), resulting in a lot of changes to make tries. Iris was once again on FIRE, and, again, lying half of the game on the grass (from the amazing amount of tackles she made, or she just likes to get dirty, either one might work). The amazing interplay between Fred and Ellen (who played her first game today!!!) resulted in beautiful running lines, and eventually a try. (We are so blessed with these freakingly fast forwards). The same trick was done by the fast play and perfect cooperation between Sanne and Zoë, sending the opponents 'into the woods', and making another try (Also these backs, you girls are amazing!!)

We ended winning the game with 7-54

As I already said, this game was an example of a team-win. It did not matter whether it was a ruck, a scrum, or a lineout; our combinatie of fast girls in the attacking lines, and some 'quick hands' brought the ball to the places where it had to be, resulting in beautiful running lines in open spaces. We have been working on being great support, and it really showed.

Roos was crowned woman of the match, not only for her hard work today, but also for her continued effort and always being there during the last games and practices. Roos is a continuous and stable power in our front five, so to be finally crowned WOTM is well deserved!! The opponent chose (my favorite) Iris as WOTM, for the continuous rolling in the grass. Femke was (AGAIN) called out as Vajayjay, because she forgot to bring it today, boohoo. After crowning all the WOTM's (LAPTOPTAS LAPTOPTAS), and some beers in the sun, it was time to go home.

A very special mention for Ellen (Steve, Gezellen, Gezelsa, my own puppy-queen-twin), for playing her first match with the team, and already showing what she is worth. The fact that she was already involved in multiple major actions in her first game makes us curious about her actions the rest of the season. Welcome on board!! #oneofus



Zoë 4x (and 7 conversions!!!)

WOTM: Roos
WOTM opponent: Iris
Vajayjay: Femke


After two games, we are still first in our division, and we still tend to keep it that way. Next Sunday, it's mini Super Sunday, and we are looking forward to playing against a 'surprising well playing' opponent. See you all there!

- Koos

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. RSRC 3

The 2XV started with high expectations for their upcoming match against RCRC 3 with 23 even one sub too many things were looking bright. However, on Saturday the messages started flowing in of people that had tested positive for Covid after carnaval (I assume), with other players not being able to because they had no active memory of signing up for the match, the 2XV had a strong total of 16 players to field against RSRC. Upon arriving slightly early at RSRC we discovered that the men of RSRC were kak babalas (South African for brak). This resulted in an early lead for LSRG by a brilliant try from one our Young Dogs, Tim Kins. After this RSRC sort of woke up and decided the only tactic to counter LSRG was to start tackling as high as possible. This only made the 2XV even hornier for more tries. More tries were followed, again one by Tim, Django, Loef, Mowgli, Vinny, Wockers (the handsome one of the Ockers brothers), and even two forward tries by our very own Diesel!! One Young Dog stood out in particular, which was Loef, who like a fierce little terrier, tackled hard and low, and on top of that scoring his first try, and thus being rewarded Man of the Match. Overall, it was a horny student match, in with many a zoomba were earned!

Yours sincerely,
Hein Wille, 2XV manager.

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. Oemoemenoe 2

Another rainy Sunday. Only three days before the match the 1XV heard that the first game of the promotion pool needed to be played in Middelburg. With three storms predicted during that week and pictures of broken rugby post in Zeeland, the 1XV prepared for another terrible match fighting more against mother nature than the opponents. In addition to this, the fields were again flooded. As Oemoemenoe only has players with triple digit weight, this was probably in their favor and therefore the game was deemed to be played. Nonetheless, the 1XV came prepared and were ready to fight them upfront. 

Even before the game started the tone was set. Coach B came up to the ref (eventually turned out to be their coach) asking if it was not a bit dangerous to play, after which the ref saw this as an offense and almost went head to head with Coach B. This ended with a sizzle and the game was started as desired by Oemoemenoe. We made the tactical decision to go for playing against the wind the first half. For people that have not been at Oemoemenoe, there is no cover. The wind was blowing with a wind power of 8 straight down the field. As you can expect, it was hard to relieve pressure. Every kick of them flew almost 70 meters and all our kicks were almost blown backwards. Nonetheless, we started sharp and gave them no room to attack. A great display of hard tackling made it hard for oemoemenoe to score points even though playing there for at least 30 minutes in the first half. Petey Steph du Koen smashed a few of their ereklasse props and they really weren’t liking it. Sadly, the LSRG really wasn’t able to get out of our own half. Kicking was useless and some unlucky handling gave us more pressure then necessary. The few chances we had were then again fumbled kicked back 70 meters and we started right from the beginning again. After an unlucky moment close to the post, Oemoemenoe found some momentum and scored with some pick and goes. After this Wilnus made the great call to put on Pierre who immediately got some pressure back on Oemoemenoe by kicking through and running back a few kicks together with Henry. The first half ended 7-0.  

The second half the condition became worse. The first half was terrible, but all 40 minutes were played on one side of the pitch. This ravaged with the amounts of scrums that had already been taken place there. Sadly, this was were we now needed to score the points. The second half we had the winds in our back and really started to use it in our favour. Non-stop pressure on Oemoemenoe resulted in a fumble from them close to the tryline and Han was accepting this gift and scored underneath the posts. Moments of the game against Thor flashed through our heads while the field was slowly into a mud pool. We were building momentum but due to the rain and the slippery muddy ball we weren’t able to go through the hands quickly enough to capitulate on the space out wide. After hard work from the forwards space was seen outside but a kick was placed through after good communication from Pierre who dotted down in the corner (12-7). After this the flood gates were opened but the weather just made it very hard for us and their big forwards were still eager to hit ours. Nonetheless, a sloppy moment from Oemoemenoe (there were feeling the pressure) again made the ball come lose and this time Douwe was kind enough to score from this. Closely after this, a good chase on an Ireland box kick, another loose ball, saw Koen scoring underneath the posts. Still needed one try for the bonus point with only a few minutes left saw us doubting what to do from the kick-off. Kick or keep the ball in hand. While Bob and I were still debating on what to do, Oemoemenoe kicked the ball. Dirk saw his opportunity to apply for a position in the back. He caught the ball, stepped two players and ran the whole field. Bonus point in the pocket. 

Another game causing PTSD moments for the 1XV. Luck wasn’t on our side, but we pulled through in the end. SO to the forwards for the tryline D in the first half. Oemoemenoe were fat bastards and only one try came through eventhough we were playing in our own 22 for at least 30 minutes in the first half. MotM was Pierre with sidekick Koen. Pierre brought exactly to the pitch what we needed, and Koen just was a small lawn mower, cutting grass in front of the feet of big MOFO’s 

I really hope that it will not rain and storm as much as the last couple of weeks.  

Always drifting and freezing on the sideline, 


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