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LSRG Nieuws

2XV vs. The Bassets

Match Report 2XV vs RC The Bassets 3 

After a big win, our next opponent was a team we hadn’t played so far. The Bassets had their team removed before the season began. But they managed to pull twenty plumbers, lumberjacks, plasterers and concrete workers together to form a team and play some games. So up we went, some by car, some by bike and some by bus to Sassenheim to play the closest thing that comes to a derby this season.

We had a strong line up with the likes of Mathijs vd Laan, Stijn and Vincent. And it was clear that the difference was going to be made by the forwards this day. The Bassets consisted of men weighing on average 110 kgs and although pretty old, knew how to play the game. This meant the game plan would be simple: try to hold where we can in defense, particularly the scrums. And when attacking, run around them instead right at them. Their lack of fitness would likely become an issue later in the game and our speed would burn them on the outside.

And the plan went masterfully well in the trash can for the first 10 minutes. We had one possession and lost the ball quickly. Then the men in white, brown and black marched up the field, dominated us in the scrum a couple of times and scored twice. Unable to convert they were 10 points up. But most importantly, we were woken up! And for the next 60 minutes we played great and showed what the Leiden Students are capable of. We managed to pressure the Bassets with faster line speed in defense. This helped us a lot because they started making knock ons and sloppy passes. They still dominated in the scrums, but it tired them more than it did us. The first who got over the try line was Dugan after the forwards did some hard work creating space out wide. And this was the pattern for the rest of the first half. In the meantime Dion,Stijn and Vincent also scored a try and in all four cases Jillis kicked the conversions. Special mention goes to Sonny Bill van der Laan who set Dion up for a try with a perfect back door pass. The score was a lot more healthy now: 28-10.

The second half saw no change in the first 30 minutes. The forwards ran around their opponents, creating gaps everywhere. And when the ball got in Jillis’ hands, he directed it the men outside. But the first try in the second half was not from good attacking play but from a great steal by David and then running the whole field. Luuk also got in by powering over the try line and so rewarding Vincent’s great run with 5 more points.

Dugan got in with a second try after a good run. But after Jillis missed his first conversion of the game, we also lost our concentration a bit. The Bassets would not lie down and play dead for the remainder of the game. On the contrary, they decided to stand up and gave us the lesson that a match is 80 minutes long. It helped them as well that David played by his own rules and made the same mistake three times in one game and was sent off with a yellow card.

So to wrap up, The Bassets scored twice and left the field with a good feeling about themselves. Even though the last word was ours with Dugan completing his hattrick. 54-22.

Big congrats for playing well this game. But I still want to point out some things we can improve on. When we defend our own rucks, we can be a bit more aggressive. We must attack them as they try to ruck us over. Don’t stand and wait, but step forward and stop them in their tracks.

Other than that: great tackling, good game awareness, strong running and lots of improvements overall!

Man of the Match: Koen. Uncatchable for The Bassets in his runs, set the example for the tackles and was all over the field. Good job!

1XV vs. Obelix

Sunday 12 January '20

The first game of 2020 was scheduled and the first opponent of the second phase of the competition was Obelix. Fat farmers away from home again. The opportunity to start the year of good, putting our new year resolutions to test. Even with the injury count within the double digits a great team was put on the field to assure our win.

We didn't start the way we should. Two cars were delayed by logistical problems and one to help a family in need. The warm-up was short but nevertheless were eyes and minds pointing the same way: Defeat Obelix. We started good. Great kick-off by our Moroccan scrum half and a perfect chase got us immediately in possession of the ball in their half. The tone was set. However, the conditions were bad and we still needed to get rid of the rust obtained during the Christmas break. Result: Scrums Yeey. As this was our downfall the last game, we were well prepared and gave a great battle to maybe the strongest scrum in our league. After at least 5 scrums in the first 10 minutes and a lot of defending we started to slack a bit in defence. Obelix, that played good rugby, probably for the first times since I've played them (ca 5 years), made good use of their strengths and smashed with their big guys, kicked ok and were strong in the breakdown. This got us pinned in our own half and after a sacked maul, a few pick and go's got them their first score. As we normally start with a score against to wake us up, we immediately got in their half and we were pushing for a score. Nevertheless, luck wasn't on our side as an intentional knock on wasn't seen and we were pushed back into our half. We didn't give up and a tug of war began resulting in a lot of forced errors from both sides. This started to take their toll as we gave a lot of effort into maintaining the scrum. This started to take its toll. We were getting tired and they kept the pressure in the scrum and in field with short hard lines. This resulted in one more score in the first half.

The second half started with good intentions. Subs were brought on the field with a clear plan to get back in this half. Within two minutes we were underneath our posts waiting for the kick. After we didn't could the kick off the ball dropped out of bounce leaving us with a line out in our own 22. After this was not well executed the ball ended up in the hands of a prop on the run resulting in the score. Nevertheless, we felt that we could get back into this game and started with Bart aka BorrelBogaers famous words echoing through our minds as a small flashback: ITS zero-zero again boiiis. We started playing again and we started to make our presence known on the field. Big hits from Sjoerd, Dan and Alvarito got us some mental wins in the game. After finally playing multiple phases without any mistakes Sander got our zero off the scoreboard. This got our hopes up but as we weren't lucky in the finishing they got back into the game. Another two scores came from an unlucky bounce and a good offload game settled the score at 36-7 in Obelix favour.

Although the loss, I feel that again we again got a lot of great things to look back to. Yes we weren't coming of the defensive line as a whole group and yes we made some errors. But, we again didn't gave up and a lot of new guys stepped up to the plate and put in big hits and effort to make sure that we didn't gave it away. I'm again proud of our efforts and after we lost the rust in this week training, I'm sure that we will have a great game against Bekaro on our home turf.  

Always drifting,

Maurits aka Aziz, the Moroccan, Muppy and Mopey

Ladies XV vs. Domcity Mokum

Leiden, 12-01-2020

Last Sunday our ladies played a match against Domcity Mokum, the number two in the promotion league. In the pre-match pep talk, our captain Arie told us that there were three uncertainties for this game: the weather, our new line-up and our opponent. The weather: it was cold, rainy and quite windy. The line-up: we had new players on the pitch (shout out to Federica who made her amazing debut on the second row) and players on new positions. And lastly, our opponent: we had never played against Domcity Mokum before and had no idea what to expect. The only thing we had control over was ourselves, our teamwork and our motivation to win this match and remain number one in the promotion league. This realisation calmed our nerves against our unknown opponent somewhat and after the first try made by Zoë, we were on a roll. We were able to find the gaps in their defence line easily due to Domcity Mokum's buffalo-like tendencies of migrating en masse to one side of the pitch only to have us throw the ball to the other side. Our attack and defence systems were strong which resulted in us mostly playing on their half of the pitch. The Domcity Mokum ladies soon became tired, they suffered several injuries and wanted to play a shorter second half, as they were no match against our fast and fit LSRG ladies. We could have been faster in the counter ruck, but our tackles were low and coordinated, we countered their attacking pods well, and we worked together as a team. Each try was truly a team effort and with an end score of 77-0, we remain number one in the promotion league with still nil try's against. 

Woman of the Match: Marie

Vajayjay of the day: Marthe 

2XV vs. Delft Combinatie


What a win! No intro necessary. This game was great.

Before Sunday things were still looking a little bit bleek though. We were missing a couple of players in key positions. In the Centers we had to innovate and experiment. And at Scrum Half we had a man playing only his second game. Fortunately there were also some positives. We had a strong pack with lots of second rowers and flankers. For us these guys are starting to be the backbone of our squad. And to think we were not even at full strength is a good sign for the future of the team.

Out of Bicycle Repair Land some alarming messages came on Sunday morning. They would not have a full team to play against us. This resulted in only 11 players showing up at ‘t Palenpadje. Credit to them for not opting the easy way out but coming to Leiden anyways! Props to you, Delft!

Although strictly speaking the win was already in the pocket, everyone was in for a nice 80 minutes of smashing Duften. Furthermore we couldn’t let our Man of the Hour, the Belgian Referee and interior cellar designer, Laurent a.k.a. Chouffe, down since he came driving all the way to Leiden just to help us out while we were in a pinch. He was a bit late, but many thanks for showing what ‘t Gevoeltje means!

30 minutes later than planned we finally kicked off. And immediately we turned on the screws. Tries were flying in left and right in the first half. The effort was spread between the forwards and the backs and under the command of Wockers people were performing quite well. It has to be said that most of our plays came from strong individual runs. Personally I’m very happen to see this. Guys like Tim, Harry and Bart are great ball carriers who always run with the intention of going over the gainline and not going down by the first tackler.

Also the support play was decent enough for this game, but we need to step it up for the next few games if want to keep winning. And this has everything to do with the structure of the team. It is easy to understand why the structure was lacking this game: Lot’s of players on new positions. And the first game after a break of almost a month. But still committing enough but not too many players to a ruck for instance is one thing we can focus on. This and more we will work on for the next couple of months.

And now some highlights of the match: Taxi Chris set a record for most Tries in a Game with 4! Andrelon will run his Zumba for Leiden and for Delft after just one game. Bart went down right before the tryline after getting patted on the back. Huntelaar and Yulian played their first match! Costa tackled Tim while he was going into Worp speed, hurt his head, went back in and finished the half playing for Delft!

Last thing I want to mention is great rugby spirit you guys showed on Sunday. When Delft arrived with just 11, some of you showed great heart and played a half for Delft. So Costa, Huntelaar, Yulian, Koen, Andrelon and Hidde, thanks for that! It is very much appreciated.

Man of the Match: Wouter. A great revelation in our time of need. Did everything you want from Scrummie: Communicate, solid pass, make tackles, be annoying. And all in his second ever game. Good job!

Dick of the Day: Your Coach. He was late for the Ladies game, missed their first try and let his players play for Delft. What a disgrace of a coach. Smh.


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