TRAINING: Tuesday: DXV 19.15-21.00, 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00 // Thursday: DXV 20.15-22.00, 1XV 21.00-22.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30


LSRG Nieuws

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. CL Batavieren 2

The 2XV was up for a tough match last Sunday, now facing De Batavieren at home. It seemed that de Batavieren had brought in some reinforcements after the last match against the LSRG, this meant 2XV would not have a walkover like we had in our away game against de Batavieren. From the moment the game started 2XV was on fight mode, this quickly paid off with the opening try in the first five minutes by Youri. However, de Batavieren were quick to settle this score by scoring a counter try, making it 5 all after just twelve minutes. Diesel surprised many people by making a fine run, an eventually scoring the 2nd for 2XV, the kick-off from the de Batavieren was immediately followed by another try by Fer. Half an hour into the game de Batavieren had managed to score another try making, turning the score into 19-12. Two minutes before half-time Andrélon (Jockers) settled the first half with a 2XV lead of 26-12. In the second half of the game, the old fat burgers (and one chick, right Stijn?) were getting tired, and soon tries were scored by 2XV left, right, and centre. This could not without our very own coach, Merlijn, to be cheeky with the ref, which resulted in what we all have been waiting for the entire season: he was send of the field. Man of the Match was one our new players, Elvis, who played like a machine! Dick of the Day obviously went to Merlijn for being send of the field. The next game of 2XV will be in two weeks’ time, when the 2XV will receive the students from RSRC.

From the side line,

Team manager Hein Wille

L.S.R.G. 1XV vs. SRC Thor 1

Another important match for the 1XV. The last game against Haarlem clearly showed that we are the team to beat for all teams in our division, standing at the top of the table. This week Thor was the opponent. During the week many messages were send between Douwe and their president which was claiming that they were going to kick us of the throne. We came well prepared as one kick was the only difference last time we played them. The hate towards them also wasn’t put underneath chairs and benches by our president so we were fired up for this game. Wilnus and Brian prepared us well and we new exactly how to target this game.

After the last game against Haarlem we all made the agreement to not take any opponent lightly. Everyone was mentally prepared this time but sadly the public transport was not in our favour. Normally we go by car but now we couldn’t reserve any as the seconds also were in need of cars. Somehow the odds weren’t in our favour as a technical issue stopped trains from driving for the whole day… After arranging still some cars last minute, Bram leaving late with Joris and Mowgli taking a taxi we all arrived just in time at the field of thor. In addition to this, Sander was jumped by a group or North-African boiis and wasn’t sure if he was to beat up to play. Flashbacks of Rome (“el sesso analle e molto periculoso, ma lo fa faccio per te). Nonetheless, we were all focused and well prepared and were ready to take them on. From the kick-off the tone was set immediately. Eventhough we dropped the first ball and got a early scrum against on the 22. We were ready to play. A passage of 4 minutes followed in which thor were only put back. The real tone was set by the smallest man on the field, Bob, lift tackling one of their players on a mini-break. From this moment on we new we weren’t going to lose this game. The only thing in our way was the referee. Abysmal discipline at the ruck wasn’t penalized once. Nonetheless, this was also a student side and we were lucky that none of us took to much use of this (real gentleman like). We finally got some opportunities and after putting them in their own 22 we got a line out in there. A perfectly executed Rhino playstation combination saw Pierre scoring untouched (5-0). After this we kept them in their half of the field for the rest of the first half. Many opportunities weren’t taken or negated by weird penalty calls. Nonetheless, Leidsche Omnivore Guus stood up at took matters in his own hands. Some quick rucks gave Guus some space to drift through and after show and going to players he went underneath the post (12-0). More opportunities were wasted after this but Thor just really couldn’t do anything against our pressure. Just at half time we were at the tryline of Thor for plays. Bob saw the opportunity so show and go but the ref was in the wrong place and sadly called for a knock-on and half time.

The second half was started by putting on the golden bench. A somewhat slower start and some unlucky calls saw Thor score (12-5). After this the trend started in the first half was carried on. A perfectly executed Rhino saw Joris score (again) (17-5). Again, thor was not able get rid of the pressure. Our defensive line manhandled their 10 all day (like we trained) and after 60 minutes he really didn’t want to run it in anymore. Some perfect phase play saw Thor bunch up in the middle of the field. After this the pink backdoor gave Flip just enough space to get through three defenders and score (22-5). This was the nail in the coffin for Thor but we were still in need on one try for the bonus points. Another passage of play as played at the tryline of Thor and again we couldn’t capitulate. Bob took his chances, now clearly grounding the ball but afterwards a hand was shoved underneath the ball and held up was given… Luck really didn’t seem to be on our side. Luckily, our defensive line pressure gave us the reward, a lose pass was pick-up by Kyle who jogged his way untouched underneath the posts (29-5).

This game we again showed how much we have grown as a team. In the past, games that were so much influenced by other factors than the players were the ones we lost bigtime. Now we stood up, everyone knew what he had to do, and we even had reserve people watching in the side-line to step in at any time if necessary. Another team effort gave us the win this weekend! SO to everyone on the team for being there, especially the side-lined people. Man of the match was Guus who’s game management pulled us through the game. Also a special mention to Kyle for his defensive efforts, Sander for playing even though he was beat up the night before, Joris for managing everything from a gala in fucking Venray and mowgli for taking the taxi and afterwards playing one hell of a game.

Always drifting,


L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Delftse Dames

Sunday, April 3rd. It was time to go on the road again, and we went to Delft. It was the last game of the first 5. After this match, we will start playing the ‘returns.’ So far, we have been undefeated for the previous five (+2) games. And we were eager to keep it that way.

The saying says: April does whatever it wants, and April made sure we knew. It was cold. And it was early (the earliest game we have played so far). On the road, Hag™ received a call from Delft, which made us anxious that our game would be canceled. However, luckily, it was apparently a mistake, and we could continue our trip. Arriving in Delft, we had to wait for 20 min for them to open the gate (it felt like a repetition of the last game). In the meantime, Myrthe forgot to take her keys out of her car, resulting in a very low/empty car battery. What a way to start!

But we were happy to be back in Delft, with their sandy fields and stinky locker rooms. Jokes aside, the real reason why we were happy was that we had high hopes for this game. Or maybe it was better to state that we expected a challenging game. And a challenging game it was going to be. In the last couple of weeks, we showed that we had worked on our attacking lines; we also expected to show more of our defense this week. It was the return of Charlotte, who was finally able to get back on her legs. In addition, we could also finally play 15-15 again! Hurray for the preferred system.

PSA: if you are such a big fan of our DXV as I think you are, you can even watch the game on youtube: see:

Kick-off: After only a few minutes, a great move of Yv pulled the opponent's defense to the middle of the field. Some fast transfers got the ball to Zoë. Delft made a last attempt to grab her by her shirt, but they missed, giving full space to score a try. Being typically Zoë, of course, she scored her own conversion, scoring 0-7. Already early in the match, Delft showed their resistance. A long line of attacks from Delft resulted in a try. An equalizer conversion (held by a human tee) brought the score to 7-7. But our girls kept fighting! The ball was passed via the attacking line following a ruck to Yv, who could make a break, run more than half of the pitch independently, and score a try. A little later, after a long series of pick and go, the final ‘pick’ was by Zoë, and indeed she ‘went’ and scored another try.

A long series of attacks led us close to the try line; however, we could not score. After a break from Delft, Fast ‘n Furious-Fred made a final attempt to stop one of the Delftgirls, but even she could not prevent Delft from scoring another try. Realizing we needed to keep focussing, we continued our game. A lovely pick and go was followed by Femke trying to make a try, but she had mistaken the 5m line for the try line (wuttt). Kim made the final attempt, and a maul pushed her over that tryline! Excellent teamwork, all girls except Femke! Fred was able to make a break and gain some valuable ground. Via the line, the ball ended up with Zoë, who was able to make the try! Halftime: 14-35.

One of our favorite lineswomen ‘(the sound of the) Pau-lice’ was waving the flag again, giving us some extra spirit to keep pushing in that second half. In the meantime, some rain decreased the dustiness of the field but increased the will for battle. Ashley asked for permission to leave a little early, but this was only granted when she at least had scored a try. So, she did. She smashed through the defense line, sprinted like her inner winger allowed, and made that try. Keeping this game on edge, Delft managed to get close to our try line, but we were able to steal the ball back. One of Zoë’s amazing kicks got the ball on the other side of the pitch again, giving us a moment to breathe.

At one moment, Delft thought that Iris’ face had healed already far too nicely from the kick in the eye two games ago, and thought Iris could use a kick in the nose. Luckily not much damage was done, so she only had to leave the pitch for a while. When Hag left the pitch, Linde took her place and played fly-half for the first time. And boy, she really played well in that position! She was able to find the right girls on the field and to be the connection between the forwards and the back.

After a long period of no tries - but many attacks and defending actions, leading all 30 girls over the pitch - we were finally able to get close to the opponents’ try line. A tough scrum, followed by some speedy attacks, ultimately resulted in a try by Mytrhe. Some moments after this, we found ourselves again very close to the try line and tried another maul. However, this time, the ball was less successful, Delft was able to steal the ball back, and eventually, the ball got kicked out again towards the middle of the pitch by Delft. Sanne kicked the ball forward at a certain moment but gained nothing with it, and it only hit one of our girls in the head. However, she made a nice break a few moments later, and her fast legs led to another try.

With only 10 min left on the clock, we were already happy with a score of 14-56. But, the game was not over yet. Side-step Sanne scored a final try, but even that was not the end of the game! A series of pick-and-go’s let us close to the try line again, but instead of the ball going through the air, it was Peppies legs. During a ruck, one of the Delftgirls used a crocodile roll on Pep, resulting in an almost-murder attempt. Pep luckily survived, and the Delftgirl had to leave the pitch with a yellow card. This left us with the advantage of playing 14-15, but we were only seconds away from the end signal. A final scrum ended the game. FT 14-63.

It was not an easy game; it was not an easy win. Delft kept our girls on edge. Scrums, tackles, and running lines on both sides were very strong. Delft really showed us that we need to keep working on our defense, that we need to keep working for those tries. We were only a meter away from the try line multiple times, but somehow we could not score due to their strong defense. So although we won, congratulations on the game Delfse Dames. You made it hard. And we want to thank you for that!

It might become boring to state, but this was again a team win. Multiple girls played again in numerous positions on the field, mixing and mingling whenever needed. It’s so great to see the entire team grow every game. We are finding each other, feeling each other. Our passes are tighter, our tackles are lower, and we are getting more and more aggressive in the rucks, both attacking and defending. Zoë was well deserved crowned WOTM because of her fantastic play, today even more than usual. Her fast passes, great tackles, and fast runs really upgraded the game. And I want to point out that she scored every conversion this game!!! Loes was crowded WOTM by the opponent. Loes then showed how ‘stuko’ of a GP she was by out drinking all the youngsters. Way to go, Loes! Good to have a strong game within and outside of the field. Myrthe was awarded the Vajayjay for the whole situation with the empty car battery. 




  • Zoë 3 (and nine conversions)
  • Yv 
  • Kim 
  • Ashley 
  • Myrthe
  • Sanne 2


WOTM: Opponent: Loes

Vajayjay: Myrthe


So, we did it! We were undefeated for the first five matches. We are looking forward to seeing all the teams again for the returns. See you guys this Super Sunday.

- Koos

L.S.R.G. 2XV vs. CL Batavieren 2

Last Sunday the 2XV went on expedition all the way to the edge of civilization in Middelharnis to play against De Batavieren. After a long journey we arrived with perfect conditions for a rugby match. With Merlijn being absent for some reason the honour coaching the 2XV went to our very own president, Jan Hein Koeleman (geyl!), this proved to be a very fruitful combination! De Batavieren -consisting of several burger clubs- made the first ten minutes of the match rather tough scoring the first try, however, being fat ugly burgers, they soon tired and it was time for a turnover. Young Dog Tim van Kins proved himself to be a textbook winger and scored a beautiful try to counter De Batavieren. Nonetheless, the Batavieren made the 2XV work hard for their tries, of which many more followed. The forwards worked their asses off for the backs (geyl!) to be able to score more tries! The 2XV did benefit from the fact that it could borrow players from 1XV, which didn’t have a match last weekend. Special mention needs to go to our beloved captain, Rik Hogeland, who made a publiekswissel in the last few minutes of the match and proved that he is as capable of playing scrumhalf as he is of playing flanker. Man of the match went to Matthew Pender, who played like and absolute beast. Unfortunately, the 2XV for some reason had to end with 63 points, had we scored 3 points less, and had De Batavieren scored one more converted try, the score would have been a very horny 19-60, instead the 2XV won with a very horny 12-63!

Much love, 

Hein Wille, team manager 2XV

L.S.R.G. Ladies vs. CL Groot Mokum

Sunday 20 March. Time to go on the road again! It was the 3rd week in a row that we were playing and the 4th match of the season. We won in relatively large numbers in the last three games, so we knew that we could win again! But, of course, we first had to show it. The entire week, the weather had been amazing, leaving us longing for playing Sunday in the Sun (it’s already in the name). However, we found ourselves gathering on a relatively cold Sunday morning. In our last game against Groot Mokum, somewhere in late October, we sadly lost on a very rainy Sunday. The possibility of rain this Sunday elected a specific trauma; however, we were motivated not to let that happen again!

Last week had been quite tough on our girls. Some corona infections messed up our original line-up. In addition, some of our girls played (and got wounded) on the puppy tournament on Friday, resulting in some last-minute decisions not to play. Luckily, the start of Sunday was without (considerable) casualties. Roos was late (again). We were able to patch Iris up like a pirate, for which one-eyed Iris was able to play (text me if you want photos xoxo). Groot Mokum convinced a retired Ref to be a great referee of our game; it was decided to play 12-13 (sadly again) and play 4x20min (due to some recovering corona-cases on the Groot Mokum side).

Kick-off: Only ten minutes in the game, it was Femke to make a try after a long series of pick-and-go. And pick-and-go was an important theme of the match of today! Because our regular scrum-half, Yv, was unfortunately in corona-quarantine, we had to mix up our lineup, and Myrthe now took this critical position. As this was not our regular set-up, there was room (and shared responsibility) for a different kind of game. We decided to focus on pick-and-go. There was an important role for the forwards players AND support players (actually, just all the girls were important, haha). We literally rammed into their defensive line, went down, and the support player picked the ball up to immediately repeat this move. Today, this type of play was successful in gaining ground across the pitch.

And although in the rest of the report, I’ll try to describe our moves linked to certain players, it is crucial to keep in mind that most of these were TEAM moves and TEAM tries!

Four minutes after our first try, a series of pick-and-go lead us across the pitch. Via the line, the ball reached Sanne, who was able to make a break. A tackle and successful pick-and-go by Zoë led to our second try. Including the scored conversion (by Zoë), we were already 0-12 only 15 minutes into the game. When full-back Zoë, unfortunately, missed a tackle, Annie was at the right place at the right time and pushed the (superfast) opponent’s full-back out of the lines, preventing her from scoring a try. The pressure from the opponent brought us close to our try line. Luckily, it was Zoë who ran the entire pitch. She went forward but also passed defenders left and right, leaving them (and also us) confused behind. BUT, when Zoë went down, the support was there, resulting in a try by Ashley. After again a long series of tackles and pick-and-go, Myrthe tried the same trick, running around and diverting the opponent, resulting in another try. Wendy felt the wind beneath her wings and came quite close to the try-line. She made a late pass to Myrthe, who was able to finish it. What actually happened felt like a scene from a nature movie: Myrthe saw a chance to press the try underneath the poles but was a bit too relaxed in getting there. What she didn’t realize was that her opponent sneaked up from behind for a final tackle. While going down, she was luckily still able to make that try! After some excellent actions of our forwards girls, Flo received the ball. Some beautiful and fast running lines led her to the tryline. Unfortunately,  the Ref discovered a knock-on somewhere, for which the try didn’t count. However, this did not make the action less beautiful. Following, a goal-line drop-out, followed by a scrum, resulted in a try by Myrthe while being tackled by three girls simultaneously. It was an excellent action by Myrthe, but most of all, I’m happy that our Myrthe survived (again).

Halftime: Our game was really going well! The pick-and-goes worked. Our attacks were going for the wind. But in the defense line, we could gain strength. Although the previously described actions do not show it, the opponent was able to make holes in our defense line, and our tackles made it possible for the opponent to keep walking and gaining ground. So we needed to keep focussing on the defense! 

While waving goodbye to Wendy (who found some other sports more important on sunday), we started our second half. And we were on a roll!. After a long series of pick-and-go, it was again Femke who was able to make a try. Annie was, again, at the right place at the right time, and she showed us how fast she could run with those tiny legs! Nicely cooperating with Zoë, they avoid the fullback, leaving room for another try of Femke. Daphne created a break, ran and avoided three defending girls, and made a try (by sitting on it like a chicken on an egg? But no shame if you are playing that well!). Also, Sanne scored two more team tries.

In the last 20 minutes, it was decided to play 14-14, and Annie and Roos joined the opponents. Daphne showed how much she loved her own teammates by throwing Roos far beyond the sidelines, resulting in a lot of ‘aaaaaaahhhs’ from the sideline. It was a great submission for the human-curling competition, and Daphne’s submission moved her to second place (sorry, Ashley). A final break by Myrthe, unfortunately, resulted in a knock-on, ended the game. We won: 0-65.

Some special attention to Maegan, who played her first game for the team in the position of hooker! Great to have you on the pitch! In addition, also some special attention for el Capitan Myrthe, who played scrum-half for the first time and did an excellent job. Ashley was crowned WOTM because she is Ashley and always amazing (and had today great tackles, some great moves in the pick-and-go, and felt the wind beneath her wings when running). The opponents chose Hag™, who also played a fantastic game! We decided that there was no Vajayjay today, as we all had excelled. But there were some willing (forwards) girls to fill the bag for next week (SNACKSSSS). Comming weekend, we have a weekend off (partyyyyyy). See you guys next week! 




  • Femke 3
  • Zoë (and five conversions)
  • Ashley
  • Myrthe 3
  • Sanne 2
  • Daphne

WOTM: Ashley

WOTM opponent: Hag

- Koos

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