TRAINING: Tuesday: DXV 19.15-21.00, 1XV 19.30-21.00, 2XV 19.30-21.00 // Thursday: DXV 20.15-22.00, 1XV 21.00-22.30, 2XV 18.00-19.30


Club history

Late in the night of the 4th of December in 1925, in a suitably respectable drinking establishment, a group of gentlemen students, who were members of the elite student fraternity Minerva, set about the creation of the first rugby club in Leiden. Agreements were reached and the first committee was formed. The evening was rounded off with hearty songs and impassioned speeches.

In the ensuing weeks everything was prepared. Rugby jerseys, the changing rooms of the Royal Student Rowing Society – Njord were made available and a playing field was laid out. When all was ready and the gentlemen had had sufficient training, Haarlem Rugby Club was invited to a match. The L.S.R.G. students threw themselves into the fray and won, with a score of 20-5 no less. With success being booked, L.S.R.G. became officially recognized by the "Collegium" of Minerva.

Sadly rugby faded away amongst the students of Leiden. However on the 14th of October 1960 a group of gentlemen students, very similar to the men of 1925, decided that it was time to play rugby in Leiden again. So, LSRG in its current form was born, a sub-society of "Her Majesty’s first" Student Society, Minerva of Leiden.

Over the years L.S.R.G. has performed with great success, supplying players to first division and Dutch national team selections.


Changing of the guards – newly appointed committee Gentlemen’s dinner at Disco Dancing The Five Arrows


L.S.R.G. today is vastly different to the L.S.R.G. of 1960. One no longer needs to be a member of Minerva, or a student for that matter. Many students who finish their studies remain as active players. This makes for a diverse and easy going club atmosphere. With the little setback of going to the third division, 1XV is all the more determined to battle their way back up to the second division. The 2nd XV enjoy a fun level of rugby in the fourth division which is the perfect environment to learn the rugby ropes and to develop enthusiastic players into an asset for the 1st XV.
After the game, particularly home games, we can be found enjoying a beer in our adopted club house Café l’Esperance on the Rapenburg. We also watch the Six Nations here on Sundays after the game. At the end of the season we organise a tour to a rugby loving place. The last few years we went to Rome, Jersey, Glouchester, Edinbrough, Cardiff and many more brilliant places.

Madrid 2010
Bournemouth 2006
Dublin 2009
Toulouse 2008
Jersey 2014
Toulouse 2007
teamfoto trip
RDS Dublin 2009
Clouchest 2012
Edinburgh 2011

Besides having the facilities at the University Sports Centre at our disposal we are coached by one of the best in The Netherlands today, Iain Krysztofiak. Iain has experience coaching no less than the Dutch national rugby team and as such has a vast amount of knowledge he offers the players. Many old L.S.R.G.’ers also provide coaching clinics, give trainings in the laws of rugby and on match days come out to support the teams. The sense of history is very strong and we are socially very active. This ensures that the old traditions and customs are maintained and lived.

Our Colours - Sky Blue – Maroon

The sky blue comes from the Royal Rowing Society Njord. In the sixties and early seventies one of the prerequisite to play for the L.S.R.G. was a full year of competition rowing.

Maroon is the colour of Her Majesty’s First Student Society Minerva of Leiden. In the past one had to have had a "committee" function at Minerva before being allowed or asked to play rugby.

XIde Lustrum

In 2015 the L.S.R.G. celebrated its 11th Lustrum! For 55 years the L.S.R.G. has been the binding factor for many students in Leiden, offering them enjoyable and competitive rugby, unforgettable nights out and lifelong friendships. Every five years we celebrate these facts in a grand fashion, and this lustrum will be no different. A ball will be organized, along with a tournament for all the student teams in the Netherlands. There is even a day reserved especially for the old L.S.R.G. players who will play our current teams to find out if age and experience really do triumph over youth and skill! The Lustrum Committee is putting in hard work to make this lustrum week a feast to remember.

Ladies XV

Since 2018 the L.S.R.G. has their own Ladies rugby team. With a very experienced coach, Dominique Danton, they're on their way to make history for the Leiden Students. With their swift promotion to the second division in season 2019-2020, the team is determined establish themselves as a Ladies' team to be reckoned with!


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